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Another lil prototype clearance thing happening there:…
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I'm selling some prototypes and overstock to make room for the new collection! Shipping with insurance is 7EUR to France and 10-15 EUR (depending on the size of the item) worldwide.

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Hey! It's sales time at HMSlatex : 20% off everything on the shop.…
(At the moment the prices you see aren't discounted, you have to do the math and contact us at contact[at]
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I've got a lil spring clearance going on here Does this work?…
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Muffins and bio

Mon Mar 16, 2009, 7:29 AM
A recipe and a plea for help

Hi folks!

I have to write a short text for my Fetish Evolution show. Paul Nathan will be introducing all the show and I have to provide him something to say about HMS. I'm very bad with writing about my own work. Anyone care to give me a hand? It can be funny, anything really. Some words to help me describe my "style" would be fanstastic.

This week end I've been working on a new and improved bra pattern. And making muffins, tons of muffins. Here's a nice receipe:

For 6 medium sized muffins:

- 150 g flour
- 100 g butter (creamy consistence)
(- 80 g sugar if you make sweet muffins)
- salt (a pinch for sweet ones, a bit more for salty)
- 2 eggs
- 1/2 pack of baker's yeast (6g)

I use a silicon muffin tray, so no butter is needed, otherwise you should butter your tray/pans
Preheat oven at 210°C

Mix the butter and the eggs. Whip it to break the butter and make the mix foam. Add the flour, salt, yeast and sugar if you're making sweet muffins. Mix. Do not stir too much.

Add whatever you fancy. I've tried:
-feta cheese and lard
-raspberry and amaretto
-chocolate (half a pack of chocolate for 6 muffins is good)

Cook 15 min at 210° and 5 min at 180°.

Devious Journal Entry

Fri Jan 9, 2009, 4:05 AM
I'm selling those items, in brand new condition:

EDIT: all sold, thanks!

Nuit Demonia

Fri Dec 12, 2008, 7:46 AM
I went to Nuit Demonia last night. La Loco was completely packed and the drinks super expensive as usual.

The shows seemed nice, altho I didn't go to the front to watch them. Sylvain Coeur Jolly did something weird with sheeps (it was a tongue in cheek thing, and quite good I think).

The crowd was dense but I felt it was even more BDSM oriented and less fetishy than the year before altho I spotted David from TG. I met :iconmissmirjana: and Xander and their friend Kim. I gave Mirja the bolero I made her and she was wearing a fantastic trans blue dress she made herself. She seems to attract foot fetishists like honey attract bees, wow!

I had a nice chat with Josselin from Hedony Designs…. He also took my picture in my blue dress… and neckpiece. Hope I get to see them, since I go out so seldom!

I met some nice trannies with whom I had a lovely chat about fashion. I really had the strong feeling that people were unsettled by my kinda innocent and timid looks. I remembered the photographer I met a couple of weeks ago who said that I looked fragile and delicate. LOL So funny when most of my friends would probably qualify me as loud and mostly cranky. :P

Then I hanged with Saba, Cybex…, Manso…, Whisper… and Arthesias. Before we left they started playing old metal stuff, Nirvana, RATM, Body Count, and we screamed like asses. Fun. ^^ Then we gossiped in the car on the way home.

Tonight, Fetish In Paris…. I guess I'll be there around 10 or 11 pm. Booows!

HMSlatex clearance sale

Mon Dec 8, 2008, 4:25 PM
I have a clearance sale going on.

You can have a look here:…

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Can someone tell me why a webcam would be configured to focus on the far behind instead of the face in front of the screen? I mean, it's a laptop. How hard can it be? Maybe it was built for people with extra long arms, or something?

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Hmm, I've been freelancing for more than a year and my mother still seems to believe that my being home means I'm sitting on my bum all day doing nothing.

So she keeps calling and starts blabbering. And when I tell her that I need to go back to work she always sounds upset. If I was working in an office, I know she wouldn't expect me to stay an hour with her on the phone.

I just wish she would ask if she's interrupting, or if I have some time to talk beforehand. I mean, I'm glad to talk and listen, when I can.

Sorry, I'm ranting again. ^^

I've been working on
:iconmissmirjana: 's bolero this morning. She wanted it with striped sleeves, like the one Scar has been wearing often. It is done now, I just have to put the frog snap on. ;)

My latex is gone for another round of collabs. I'm _so_ excited! It's going to be amazing!
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Today :iconmetamatik: and I went to the flea market. He was looking for a second-hand leather jacket to replace his. We went to the Clignancourt flea market at the doors of Paris. It is less and less of a flea market and more of a huge market of new crappy stuff. But in the back, you can still find some very good second-hand and vintage stands.

Math found the perfect leather jacket, in very good shape and for only 40€. And he bought a new pair of chocolate leather Converse.

I went to a vintage shop I really love, called Daniel Et Lili, in a covered place in the market. It's a place held by Japanese women, that sell vintage hats and jewels as well as millinery supplies and vintage haberdashery. I bought some vintage hat veiling for the fascinator I'm finishing for :iconmiss-mosh:, because I know she's in love with those.

Then we went to drool over the fantasticness at Falbalas, the infamous vintage clothing shop where lots of big names go shopping for crazy shoes and corsets and lingerie. Some photos I took there:……

The shapes and colors are so inspiring! I'm totally in love with the black outfit with huge white buttons in the first photo and the fuchsia dress in the second. Bows! Buttons! Oooh!

Now I'm off to bake a raspberry and white chocolate pie with the husband! :)
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Vanilla galore

Tue Oct 14, 2008, 2:43 AM
Sorry to those who read me on LJ, crossposted!!

On Sunday, Math and I went to a garage sale in Paris. It was a very nice one, with lots of different kind of things, vintage clothes, ancient furniture, records, books, toys, medical and military supplies, african and asian art... Math fell in love with a beautiful leather go game but we decided our flat was too small and messy to do it justice.

There was this stand with medical supplies from the army. I couldn't resist to take a quick snapshot of the random stuff. (I need a better camera than my phone)

I found a superb Moschino dress, in perfect shape, for 20€. The cut is simple yet beautiful (the back is low, i should have had taken a pic of it too) and the fabric is a beautiful scarlet red crepe. Here is a dorky picture of me in it (while I was tucking the armholes, since my shoulders never fill a dress)

And there was a stand with ancient jewellry. So many eye candies! The lady tending the stand was very passionated and she talked about her jewels so well it made them even more precious. I fell in love with a Napoleon III era necklace. Intricate but delicate, a tad gothy too, hehe. Math offered it to me for my birthday (yet to come!). It is now in its red box, next to me. I can't wait to wear it and at the same time I want a great occasion to do so.

Since a while now, Math started thinking about trying painting. I used to draw and paint a lot when I was a kid and a teenager. A LOT. So I encouraged him and we went to the art shop on Sunday to buy 20€ worth of basic supplies. And yesterday evening, Math and I painted together! Such a great feeling! Emptying my brush water in the sink, I remembered the art courses I took, the old stained school sink. I can't say i have done anything interesting yesterday, just messing with the paint and the brushes again, but the feeling was so worth it! And the best of all was to share it with my husband.

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London Fetish Weekend Day 3 & 4

Fri Oct 10, 2008, 3:08 AM
Sorry to those who read me on LJ, crossposted!!

Day 3 : Xpo and TG?

On Saturday, just before waking up, I had that weird dream involving Vin Diesel, Scar and my latex. We had a good breakfast and headed to the Xpo again. Can you believe it? all the tube lines to Barbican were closed! We had to jump into a cab at Kings Cross along with Nick who was stuck there too. How annoying for all the potential visitors... :S

I went backstage as soon as I arrived and met here with Keisha Rio who was walking for HMS this day with :iconulorinvex: and Veronika Valentine. She changed into an electric lilac outfit and shot a few photos with
:iconmaximsphotos: (I think?). Outside! It was freezing, brave girl!

I received a sweet text message from :iconmissmirjana: which was very cheering.

Backstage, there was too many makeup artists and not enough models and hair stylists, the usual. :) I had the privilege to be able to have a glance at the other designers item. The polka dot printed latex from Libidex is oooh! I was particularly amazed by Lacing Lilith's designs. And they totally rocked the Radical Rubber "flesh" colored latex, a color I was WTF about when I had the color samples in my hand. I also spotted backstage a very familiar bow belt, uh oh.

Skin's violet hair totally rocked with her electric blue Rubber55 outfit.
:iconulorinvex: poked the ass of a guy from Dvote. :P And I was totally fascinated by the strap on a nice girl from Latexa was wearing around. I guess I was really getting tired, lol.

When coming home, I could have a look at the Fetishista's website, where Tony Mitchell had already features one of my new designs with the report of the Xpo. Wow. ::

After the shows, a client wanted the outfit Jo was wearing on the first day so much (the Viennetta top and Swirl skirt) that I had to part with the prototypes! I'm glad all the shows have resumed on tv because all those ruffles are such a pain to make! :)

Missfuzzybunny and I tried to convince each other to go to the TG but I think in the end we were both too knackered to go out. So, no TG for me but pizza, wine and games with B and P.

Day 4: Eurostar

We had to go at 12 on Sunday to catch our Eurostar. Time was delayed a bit because of the previous incidents and the station was a bit in a mess but all in all it was ok.

I had a random search at the check in in my infamous fluorescent geen bag (the one that I carry around backstage with protos, lube and all in). The woman was nice but she was pretty WTFed when she saw all the latex packed in small bags. And, um, my panties. (Yeah, when Xpo was over I was rather happy to take my heels off and all the latex so I basically jumped in my jeans and tshirt and that's it and left my undies in the green bag. Shit!) Talk about embarrassment!

We had 4 huge latex rolls packed together so the customs asked us what it was. I had (again!) to pull out some latex to explain. The custom guy was pretty startled at the latex pants. lol But no further bother whatsoever.

Then, Paris, taxi, home, cat, cuddle, lots of latex washing and zzzz!

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London Fetish Weekend

Tue Oct 7, 2008, 3:22 AM
Sorry to those who read me on LJ, crossposted!!

I think most of you got that already, but I had a blast! My dear husband :iconmetamatik: enjoyed himself too, and more than it was expected since until now he didn't really like being in London and since he's so little into the fetish scene. Babe, thank you so much for your support and all the help and work you did!

Day1: Thursday, doing stuff in London

We got up at 4:45 am to catch our Eurostar, took a cab to Gare du Nord. One big luggage with all the stock for the booth, hangers, lube, you name it. One big backpack with change (regular and latex outfits and shoes) and wine for our friends in London. And another bag with all the prototypes. And our handbag/satchels. Ugh.

I used the same big luggage I use when I do makeup (for those who missed that point I'm also a freelance makeup artist). I was happy to be able to lug it around carelessly for once it contained nothing that could break or spill.

Sleep in Eurostar. And then, tadaa! London. No problem regarding the fire incident. We went to get the key to B's appartment at his work and dumped all our bags there. His roommate let us his room, which was really kind. I had a nap again and then checked all the mails about the Xpo, shows, guestlists, time schedule and such. And then we headed to Radical Rubber. Had a Meat Beast Whopper on the way and a ton of onion rings. Why the hell isn't there a single Burger King in France?? Boo.

We met with Jim at RR, who was a very friendly and patient guy. Bought about 25m of latex, electric and metallic blue, red, white... They were out of .40 and .50 black! Aargh, doom! Jim showed us the new polka dot printed latex. I was at first surprise at how small the dots were. But I was about to be proven how gorgeous they were...

Latex is heavy. Latex is heavy. Latex is heavy. Latex is heavy. Latex is heavy. Latex is heavy. Latex is heavy. Latex is heavy. Latex is heavy.

Went back to B's flat. Math fell asleep and I hesisated waking him up almost too much since we barely made it in time to the Tate Gallery to see the Bacon exhibition! We litteraly ran. That's more or less how I convinced Math to come with me to London, so we clearly couldn't miss it. It was my third Bacon exhibition. But the feeling of shock never leaves me when I watch his pictures. One of his male nudes almost brought me to tears but I can't find a picture on the interwebs.

The early wake up, plus the latex lugging all over London really tired us so I didn't make it to the Fetishista's. Instead, we went to Saintsbury's to buy English crappy nostalgic food (trifles, HP sauce, Galaxy, Dr Pepper...) and ate pasta ala carborana and had amaretto and played games (well, mostly the guys, I was already sleepy).

Day 2: First day at the Xpo, Press call and first show

I cooked us a huge English breakfast (which was a good call since we didn't get to eat all day). And we arrived at the Barbican at 11am. We didn't know which entrance to go to so in the end Scruffy the Janitor lead us through a backdoor. The booth installation went smoothly since we didn't have too much furniture. Overall it looked very simple, borderline amateurish, but heh, this was a first shot. Next time we'll rock your socks!

Math tended the booth all day, and did a great job promoting HMS. He's very interested in my work and sees me crafting a lot so he knows the shit almost better than I do. Our booth was between Fetish Map's, tended by the fantastic Eva, and Club Subversion's, tended by Malevolent Destruction who I finally got to met after years of reading each other on
LJ's Latexcrafter's community. That was pretty cool!

At 12, Emma J led me backstage so I could start working on makeup and do fittings. :iconulorinvex: was already there and introduced me to :iconrootofsilence: . :iconnola-nola: and Veronika Valentine arrived soon after, and the fitting for all 3 was perfect. :)

You can see the photos from the Xpo on Myspace:…

Backstage, I was also in keying makeup. When we arrived, there was too many hair stylist, and too little makeup artists. Classic. Emma was extremely busy and rushed all week end so we didn't get a second to talk to each other. But I met :iconsohuiii: who likes flashing her nipples :P,
Roswell Ivory who is made of stone, Boykitten who wore the most gorgeous outfit, :iconladymorgana: who's marrying me soon, Skin who's hair is to die for with electric blue latex, :iconsamanthastone:, October, Lustreality, Oli, Sister Sinister, Easy Tiger, :iconharlotrouge:, :iconmaximsphotos:, :icongothicimage:, Calamity Amelie and many many more...

Zoe rocked. She took care of the makeup of most of my girls. We went for very basic and elegant.

Before the show, press call. I got to go with them and of course, since I was all dressed up, photographer wanted to snap me with the models. Oh, the shame! We had absinth and I talked to a few journalists. I was bloody shakey because it was almost time for the show we were opening!

:icongothicimage: took photos of my models separately then all together (then with me, grrr! I pulled faces all the time, I think I managed to crack him up pretty well). I had a preview and they're fab! Can't wait to show them to you!!

And... Show time!

To my surprise, my music had been changed without notice. So... the models looked pretty startled for a few secs when they started walking. Of course I had sent them the mp3 so they could listen to it a few times. Grr. I had picked Movie Star by Roisin Murphy Bouncy and joyful. And it was changed for Numb by Portishead. :no: Seriously, it could have been waaay worse, agreed, but if it HAD to be Portis, I'd rather have picked a track from Third, say Machine Gun.

Whatever, it is not that much of a big deal.

I sneaked in the crowd when the music started, where I found Malevolent Destruction and almost fainted when my first model entered the catwalk. Nola, Chris and Jo really did a fantastic job, and managed pretty well to take advantage of the slow music by striking sensual poses and teasing the public. And I was applaused. Like, time to faint now. o.O

The Vienetta particularly drew attention, and I got complimented a lot on it. Many people went to congatulate me after the show, it was totally surreal. Some complimented me on the fashiony look of my designs and told me it was something they regretted not seeing more often on the fetish scene. Actually there are lots of very fashion-oriented latex designers out there, and I don't think I am being THAT innovative, frankly. But it is true that for the sane people that don't spend their whole life on the internet, the presence of those designers might be a little too discreet (prolly because just like me, they are not BIG companies -yet), esp in Europe.

Some other people were really into the kinky aspect of my stuff, transparent latex and all. That's pretty funny to see how differently people can experience the same thing. :)

Fuck, I hobbled all day in my 70's latex dress, on high heels and blisters. Not a second to eat or drink water. My lips are still sore from dehydration. I had had an MRI 3 days before (no worries) and they screwed up the injection twice so I had bruises all over the inside of my arms. Yay to the druggie look!

After the second show, I was able to be on the booth for about one hour.
:iconmetamatik: had been hypnotized by the Love Swing demo's all day so we were both a mess lol. Friday was overall, outside the backstage, a quiet day. I had some time to visit the other booth and finally meet with
Miss Fuzzy Bunny from Strangelifeforms, on the Latexa booth. We had a quick but very pleasant chat.

Then, back B's flat. Math cooked us his great thai green curry (which was pretty hot I must say) and we had wine and speed some very pleasant time all together with B's boyfriend.

To be continued...

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Featured on the Fetishistas

Sat Oct 4, 2008, 1:52 PM

Ulorin Vex wears HMSlatex for the opening of Xpo fashion shows:…

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